Just a bit over my body-sculptural objects .
I am relating to the human body and its movements as the‘center’, emphasizing the physic ,mental & movements and the space  which surrounds it all ,looking at restrictions that appear and taking them with me, incorporating , using these restrictions, bringing them into the sculptural objects.
When working with the material, my jewelry design back ground becomes very helpful, while looking at the work as a whole unit I pay much attention to the small details, which is essential in order to ensure the mechanics will function well together with the body as one moving sculptural object.
I am trying to define and in a way ‘extend ’ the body space When all elements are playing, influencing, effecting one another into one unit, and the human figure is at the center of it all.
This looks like … this endless motion, which is the result of the physical and technical way the sculptural object is being connected , responding to and enhancing the body movements .
The human , he or she are somehow ‘viewer and participant at same time ’, in a way , on the one hand they are the center of the ‘unit , however, on the other hand ,he or she are also the viewer, watching the ‘things that are‘ happening around……