installations & sculptures in movement

 ‘Lamento’ (2022)
This assignment was given to me by the Amsterdam Cello Biennale for the Cello Biennale 2022. It was done in collaborations with Amsterdam Cello Quartet with  Maya Fridman as solo Cello, and is based on a composition of Alexander Knaifel, with James Murry doing the light design.

The starting point of this project was The music of A. Knaifel.
Listening carefully to the music, its intention as I understood & interpreted it, and taking into account many different elements as the hall, stage, acoustics & atmosphere, and reducing to minimal the technical aspects (simple as possible while keeping it modular) I tried to compound the Cello – the atmosphere and soul it brings, by choosing appropriate materials and forms to compliment the title of this year Biennale – The Cello moves – enhancing the sound, and as often in my work, keeping some transparency’s in the overall work .