installations & sculptures in movement
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About my work

In a way I collect experiences, Images, situations from daily life, translating them into form.

The first steps in the arts I took as a jewelry design student at the nova Scotia college of art &design, Halifax, Canada (83-85), and later at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (85-89).

At the Rietveld Academy under the supervision of Onno Boekhoudt I begun to look at things somewhat broader, started experimenting which led   me into finding,developing my own language and finger prints.

The sources of the sketches, reliefs, maquettes and other installations, are coming mostly from the search, the ‘way’ into a body work. 

when creating the work, I am searching first inside ’ the  Noam…the me…’ therefore most of my work are biographic or autobiographic taking experiences  analyzing it and giving  some form to it relating to  the human body  as the  ‘center’,  emphasizing  on the mental, physic & movements  and the space which surrounding it all , looking at restrictions that appears and taking  them along with, incorporating , using  them,    taking  it all into  the sculptural  object /installation .


when working with the material my jewelry design background becoming very advantages helping me to look at the small details at same time as I’m busy trying to define and ‘extend’ the body space ….    when all elements are playing, influencing, affecting one another into one sculptural unit and the human figure centering it all. using the kinetic term, I like to refer to the look likes … endless motions, which is results of the physical and mechanical &technical way the sculptural object is being connected, responding and enhancing the body movements.

The human, He or she is somehow ‘viewer participant’, in a way, on one hand it is the center of the ‘unit, however, on the other hand, he’s or she’s are also the viewer, watching the ‘things’ happening around.

 I do not look at my works as belonging to any ‘one’ specific category or direction, for me it is after all more about the search than anything else.

At the end of the day when I’m Looking at my work as an over whole, as total then… I like them to talk, scream, preferably just sing…