installations & sculptures in movement
I collect experiences, images, situations from daily life, translating them into form. I took my ‘first steps in the arts’ as a jewelry design student at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, Halifax (1983-’85), and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (1985-’89). At the Rietveld Academy under the supervision of Onno Boekhoudt, I began to look at things from a somewhat broader perspective, and started to experiment, which led me to finding,developing my own language and way. When creating the work, I am relating to the human body as the ‘center’, emphasizing the mental, physical & movements, the space surrounding it, looking at restrictions that appear and taking them with me too.

 I am using them, incorporating them, taking them all into the construction, trying to define and ‘extend’ the body space.

Then all elements are playing, influencing, drawing one another into one unit.

The human, is both ‘viewer & participant’ at same time on the one hand he is the center (participant) of the ‘unit’; on the other hand, he is also the viewer, looking on events…

I do not look at the works as belonging to any ‘one’ specific category or direction in the arts: for me it is, in the end, more about the search than about anything else.

vishal , Grote market 20 haarlem