installations & sculptures in movement

4 seasons and another one

variation on 'sunset'

Serie of ‘eclectic circus ‘

group of works ‘the city between black and white’


sketches for ’Europe ‘

wall installation, sketches for ‘body-sculptures’.

’dancing until the end of time’ - Serie of works based on Leonard Cohen music.

‘the insect’ reliefs.

Serie of 7 relief’s, size of 40x40x30 cm made in between years 2003-2004.  

This Serie of work based on the ‘Vitruvian man’ by da Vinci.   it is made out of manipulated waxed paper dipped in epoxy resin, cotton wire, pencil engraved on plaster.

long ago, I hanged in my atelier poster of da Vinci ‘Vitruvian man’, if I am aware or not it is always there.



’walking on eggshells’ - from different angles…

Serie of Circles.

’head’, 'evaporation’, ’fata morgana’.