Aquarium Dream

The ‘aquarium’, ‘the dreams’

This series of works I am busy creating (from 2013 and onward) is about the way I am experiencing my stay here in North West Europe as a visitor for almost 30 years … It is real but yet sort of dreamlike, as I am in a sort of an aquarium-like. It is actually about a family, generations…, and the grandma, the representative of the ‘other generation’, the ‘other layer’.

The beautiful aquarium is in the corner but yet it is central, it is all sobeautiful, peaceful, everything is in its place, as the fish are born to harmony, yes, all the fish are swimming in a very calm, arranged aquarium ,they do like all fish do ,talking silently ,oh since I’m here …ok, yes now I understand… It looks as if they are all much connected to one another, the lights are soft and beautiful.. But, the silence , it is almost stormy. It is about those things that happen when most house members are laying in bed , then in the wee light hours , when you are on your own listening to the fish and this water fountain just wondering about the fish…. Then finishing, wrapping up ,closing the days that just about to be ended, evaporated… looking at the half of the glass, full or empty, well ,it is quite some time not about the wine… wondering about the days to come .

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