installations & sculptures in movement

forest, 1990-1994

This new installation is based on my early work ‘The Forest’.  This installation was created from 1990 –1994, and it contains 101 small standing individual figures, connected to a thin steel of


wire in various heights from about 10 cm to about 150 cm. Due to the installation’s delicate construction, they sway slightly in the room along with the air’s movements.

As happens very often, my work that remains in my atelier is ‘sentenced’ to a constant change. It is always as if there is something to be added or to be changed.

When I finished working on this ‘forest’ I video recorded the installation, then the work was sold, thus it left my home.


I was left only with the video recollections but knew that there will be a time in the future when something will happen with that record.  

I had the urge to somehow try and bring the viewer into the ‘forest’ to make them part of this endless trip.

When returning from a project in china it all finally became clearer and fall in to place,  I find the way to do it, putting it all together, find the technical solution needed to bring it to the final state, so the viewer coming, going, and joining this flood.