installations & sculptures in movement

About Que Sera Sera (2012-2015)

At the beginning of this work the song Que Sera Sera played in my ears and stayed at the back of my head for a very long time.

I had just returned from a joyful long weekend trip with my son, Yair, from Barcelona. I had time, lots of time, to think about what it is that we really give to our next generations.

 Is it about searching for that something? The path? The waiting, the running, flying and fighting (and falling)? The needs to learn to get back on our own two feet? Living up to a promise? Getting somewhere? Catching something? Even if just a bit from all those past promises, promises which have been hammered into our heads from a young age? The hopes to catch this ’last train’, (or an airplane)? The struggle to get there, then always another step to jump on to, to run for… Another place to reach. “There you’ll be finding it”. Didn’t you find it? But I told you… Do better at school… Try to get good marks… Get this job… (oh dummy not that one!) We told you… You must… But please, please don’t forget, it is about the fact that time is passing by… About this que sera sera… About whatever will be, will be…