installations & sculptures in movement

sound’ (2001-2002)

this work – ‘sound’ is an assignment which was given to me by the music ensemble- ‘Wendingen’ (wendingen- in Dutch, twist- in English) for their program of year 2002.


This music ensemble which was leaded then by the knowen pianist Marja bon

is knowen for their collaborations work between living modern compositor, visual artist and the music ensemble for a live concert mostly at the Amstel Kerk in Amsterdam.

After meeting with compositor Rocco Havelaar, I went to look, to ‘feels’ this nice ‘Amstel Kerk’.

When Listening to several composition of the compositor havelaar it led me into different ideas, some with shapes, lights & shadows.    after sometime of brain storming and ‘digesting’, working-out and abstracting the information in my head then started to sketch and create the models of ‘sculptural sound…’ which later came as planned.

The final work which I arrived to was a large spiral form made out of stainless steel and magnifiers nylon that when turning it will be creating the shadows and glittery lights I was imagining and looking for. I thought combining it with the of creation sort curtains like, that will be open when the concert began and end.

I was confronted with several challenges which had to be considered and deal with, several new aspects …points as acoustics, the hall, musicians’ space and so for, but at the end it all went well, just a new experience.