installations & sculptures in movement

Aquarium -I,II,III, installations   Serie of three work on same them.

This series of 3 works was created between the years 2012-2015.  

It is about the way I experience my life, my stay, here in the Netherlands (north-west Holland) after 30 years and a little more. 

It is real (yet sort of like a series of dreams): at times a bit surrealistic, at times real – very real…

Actually, it is about a family, generations after generations, and… the grandma: she is always there and has been there ever since. She is the representative of the other generation, the other

time, the other layer, yet holding the ropes in her hands, navigating it all so that changes…will not be.

The beautiful aquarium with the fountain in the middle, standing at one of the corners: it is there, a bit off-center, yet very central.

 It is all beautiful, peaceful, everything is in its place. The fish, swimming on one exact line, do not dare cause any social dis-order or un-rest to this perfect harmony, yes, they all are swimming in a very calm, orderly and obedient way. They do like all other fish do (at least in this part of the world), talking very silently: ‘Oh, since I’m here…ok, yes, now I understand…’

Looking as if they are all very much connected to one another, the lights are soft and beautiful. But the silence – it is sort of stormy silent-like.


It is about those things which happen when most household or family members are lying in bed, in the wee-light hours, when you are on your own listening to the fish and to this water fountain, just wondering about the silence…

Then finishing, wrapping up the day that is just about to end and evaporate, looking at the glass …the glass half-full or half-empty, (well, it is quite some time that it isn’t about the wine…), just wondering about the days to come.

Aquarium II

Aquarium III