installations & sculptures in movement

the ‘egg’ (for Tamar) 1997,


Dancer: Ingrid van Waijjen

Camera: Alex de Waal

About the ‘Egg’, for Tamar. This work was created when my wife was pregnant with our first daughter Tamar. Many things crossed our heads some were clear but also many unknowns.

I only knew that Ingrid had to do most of the hard and painful work.

One day we walked in the forest in Bergen (n-h). We talked, and tried to visualize our new life to come, the what’s and how’s and plenty of questions that appeared along.  At the end of the day I said: ‘OK, I know as God arranged it this way, most of the work is being done by you. The only thing I can contribute is with full help a new ‘egg dance’.

As to the actual making of the egg, it did take me some time, the search for the ‘right’ material, the choice of magnifiers nylon with the effect it gives to the sculptural object.

Also, here the initial movements were rather clear for me as I did not search for any un-necessary complexity in the movements.