installations & sculptures in movement

‘soloin3’   2007-2010,

Dancer: Bennie Bartels
About the ‘Soloin3’     I was asked to create another ‘body- sculpture’ work…

one morning the telephone ring and I hear:” hey Noam can you make another new ‘body-sculpture’ for new project coming up? Oh well oh well I thought what a…    but after few months I’ve found myself working on a new idea.

 It had much to do with the feel I had toward that person who called me asking me to make it.

Here my thoughts were reduced and translated into 3 very different sorts of materials.

 I took these 3 materials start constructing then thinking, imagining, moving between the 3 materials and form and how it feels to me.

This body-sculpture is different than the others before as before the human is very much physically connected, lifting the construction so here somehow the sculptural construction stands on itself, on real steady and stable ‘base’ but on the other way, this body-sculpture, this direction I took… I suppose it is just another way….

the ‘body-sculpture’ study for ‘soloin3’

This is only the study I have done for the ‘soloin3 body-sculpture.