installations & sculptures in movement

Triangulos   (2006-2008) 


This body-sculpture work is result of another experiment, a cross between the man in Da Vinci’s well known ‘Vitruvian Man’ adding some of my own imagination into it, combining with a series of work I named      ‘The Insect’ (group of 7 Reliefs engraved on plaster with waxed paper and cotton wire ) .

 As often happens to me I develop few works simultaneously at same time, so in some ways they ‘melt’ into one another and here the ‘triangulos’ come into being.

Model-triangulos, study the body-sculptural idea

When developing the sculptural idea, I always assist myself with this wooden pop I call Leo which in fact has become the indispensable Leo.

Due to the complexity and at time frustrating process in the making of this ‘body– sculpture’, I often need to put much time into the learning and understanding of the technical mechanisms and restrictions that appear throughout the making, and what later on becoming part of the whole work.

I need much time; so, it all can function as one sculptural unit when the dancer/mover can explore and move her/himself without too much difficulty.

Well then Finally, here I just demonstrated, used the process, as a study for another ‘body-sculpture’.