installations & sculptures in movement

‘Between intimacy and alienation’, it is representing in 4 words the balance I’m looking for in all my works.
The initial idea behind this work was to create sort of a performance, not a live one, but a static performance, in a way it is a combination of sculpture and theatre, a performance within the form of an installation.
By its nature, ‘between intimacy and alienation’ is both sculptural and theatrical, but nevertheless it remains static. once started the process I was in need of looking , finding & re-defining to myself…, looking at the development of ideas through the time, mirroring to myself and to the works selves the developing, the connections. they are quite a few good years in between however my ‘red-line’(yes, later, translated into a transparent nylon wire ..) , and how it all connects to one another.
Along the way of the process I got the need to re-arrange things, to contextualize …clarify, the work and the process too, the ways from A to Z, the way in which the idea develops, so It means to discover where ‘things are laying‘.
In fact this work is a collection, a collage of thoughts, sketches ,text ,maquettes and video clips from various performances, derived from my body of works I call ‘body-sculpture’s’ , which I began to develop in the mid eighty’s (1985-86 and onwards…).
I started this ‘collection’ once beginning to develop my body-related works, constantly adding new materials which I brought into this process.
This work existing and influenced by the human body, its movements, it physic & mental, and is being presented in the form of dance/movements performances. When creating the performance I’m relating, enhancing the contact between ‘work’/object & human body and the space in between them as well as to the sound the ‘work’ makes.
Concisely or not Many thoughts cross one another along this way. As result of the search the steps I took become like a collection of ‘things on the move’, crossing the space from one to the other, from down to up, from left to right within this
metal square, emphasizing the interrelations and putting it all in a context of mutual relations.
I‘m searching to catch, to put all that process into ‘one large open box’, to show first and foremost to myself the connections between it all, and how one thing lead to the other. …..