installations & sculptures in movement

’room’ 1986-87, Body-sculpture.     

Dancer: Pedro Ramos

this body-sculpture has been created between 1986- ‘87, just after I landed in the Netherlands and got accepted into the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

My ‘landing’ in the Netherlands and all what comes with it were not that ‘bright and easy’…


I had to learn to adapt to a very different culture, from the outside looking smooth and happy but…after a little…can be rather rigid sometime… (and all what is inside this ‘packet’).


 It was the first time I was introduced fully into the Dutch life and to its unspoken sentences….

 When you are in it, breathing it, and when the days are short and grey, when evenings turn into long, cold and grey nights – all it brings to an unprepared person like I was. 

So that is how this body-sculpture, “The Room”, came into life.


In retrospective when Looking and trying to understand my time and my being then, well, this work representing my state, my situation and the’ being’ rather well, far better that I even knew of myself then… 

Creating this ‘ROOM’ , as I have been so much in ‘the situation…’ so when begun doing the actual work things like form, the choosing of material (aluminum as the main materiel) it went just naturally so dos with other relevant questions, almost all just resolved by itself.