installations & sculptures in movement

The ‘atlas’– (1987), ‘body-sculpture’

Dancer: Ingrid van Waijjen
Camera: Alex de Waal

about the Atlas:
This body-sculpture work come just after I was challenged to create work that will refer more to a female (I was challenged by a women).

It was not for a particular person, however, during the process of the making I concentrated on the way.

 I understood what was important for me, emphasizing it and simplified certain aspects I would like to show.

Choosing the title for the body sculptures (and other work too) it is of much important to me, its dos helping me with the initial creation…the directions to take, sort of red line… well here I chose ‘atlas’ as starting point as reference for own world, which helps me later too when working with the dancers/movers.

  I emphasized on flexible and organic form, reduced what is un-necessary, simplifying certain aspects further so later the visual aspect of work and human body will be very clean and clear.

At the beginning when I completed this body-sculpture I had very many question marks behind but only later when working with the dancer/mover I fully realized the work and was less dis-satisfy….